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Marrying the science of nutrition with the art of the kitchen.

Knowing where your food comes from can change your life—Alice Waters

About Field to Plate

Field to Plate is a visionary food education company, pioneering a paradigm shift in how we think, talk and teach Americans about food and food choice. We are part of the groundswell that believes that food, and the soil we grow it in, are the foundation to our health. Our roots are deeply entwined with a passion for food, flavor and the sense of well-being, wholeness and community that is derived from eating together.

From the beginning, we have aspired to develop experiential food education programs and learning experiences that present food, nutrition, cooking and their relationship to health in new, inspiring and deeply meaningful ways.

What We Do at Field to Plate

Science, Nutrition, Health and the Kitchen

  • Create a seamless conversation between food, nourishment, health and the environment in which we live.

  • Develop educational tools, learning experiences and edible events that marry the science of nutrition with every kitchen in practical and attainable ways.

  • Make the food conversation understandable, useful and applicable.

  • Help Americans establish a meaningful and informed relationship with food.

Personalized Nutrition and Culinary Guidance

  • Create a seamless relationship between personal health, nutrition education and customized food solutions for each individual we work with.

  • Develop individualized recipes, meal and menu plans to restore, heal and support

  • Work with trained chefs and culinary-nutritionists to provide personalized culinary education and support to clients across America

Professional Continuing Education

Sustainability and Food Justice

  • Advocate every day for a sustainable society; one in which every American has a fundamental right to fresh, affordable, accessible and deeply nourishing food.

Food Choice in America

  • Communicate about food choice in America. Through her joint expertise as an analyst specializing in food, health and socio-economics, Field to Plate Founder, Amanda Archibald, provides up-to-the-minute insights and data that explain why Americans make the food choices they do - now, then and in the future.

To achieve our goals, we reach out every day to extraordinary men and women: chefs, nutrition professionals, health experts, physicians, community leaders, farmers and like-minded organizations to seek help in fulfilling our vision of delivering food education in deeply meaningful and creative ways. This willing collaboration of food minds, experts and artisans has allowed us to redefine food education in America.

To the experts and artists who believe in us, and work alongside us, we are deeply grateful.