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Amanda Archibald, RD
Field to Plate® Founder

Amanda's contribution to food and nutrition is channeled through her nationally acclaimed company, Field to Plate®. Amanda Archibald is a game changer. Her unique training as an analyst and a nutritionist (RD), combined with her food knowledge and culinary expertise has enabled her to develop a new lens through which we can understand the food conversation.

Amanda's trailblazing work is redefining the food, nutrition and cooking education footprint in ways that are understandable, meaningful and fundamentally achievable for all Americans. Across the nation, Amanda has worked side-by-side with practitioners, educators, chefs and growers to find new and innovative ways to present food and nourishment in digestible bites. Her work in mind-mapping and visual technology is literally changing how we are translating the science of nutrition via the tools of the kitchen to put health-supportive food on America's plate.

Event Production

Amanda has been involved in producing state of the art experiential learning experiences for consumers and health professionals alike since 2003. Her work has been showcased nationwide and includes co-developing and producing the acclaimed 2010 Food Solutions Series in New York, events in more than 30 states and 50 cities nationwide, and international events in France and Crete. Accolades for Amanda's pioneering work resound loudly across America.

Food As Medicine

In 2010, Amanda intensified the relationship between nutritional science and the kitchen, by deeply re-immersing herself in the field of integrative nutrition (Food as medicine). This profound training, coupled with on-going mentorship from inspirational practitioners in the field of integrative nutrition, allows Amanda to speak even more clearly with clinical and culinary confidence, a rare talent. Within the scope of Field to Plate, Amanda maintains a small private practice, tag teaming with Florida-based functional nutritionist, Meryl Brandwein.

Hearth to Health

In 2012, Amanda condensed 10 years of culinary+nutrition teaching in to Hearth to Health, a food as medicine culinary –nutrition education program for the public. This program represents the future of both nutrition and hands-on cooking education for the public.
Amanda was educated in the UK and the U.S.A. She is a Registered Dietitian, a member of Les Dames d'Escoffier and sits on the National Advisory Board for Cooking Matters™. She believes that food and the soil it grows are the foundations for health. Amanda is an outspoken advocate for the food as medicine movement and a passionate voice for the hungry and disadvantaged whose seat is so often vacant at our nation's table.

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Amanda Archibald, RD is a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Accredited Provider with the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR).

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